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A memorandum of understanding signed between Russia Muftis Council and Association Marocaine des Exportateurs
5 Dec 2013
In the course of the Russian-Moroccan business week, an agreement on bilateral cooperation in the sphere of development of halal industry was signed between ASMEX and Russia Muftis Council on the 4th of December in Casablanca, economic capital of Morocco
Head of RMC Economics department takes part in Russian-Moroccan Business Forum
3 Dec 2013
A Russian-Moroccan Business Forum, organized by Russian-Arab Business Council, has opened in Casablanca, Morocco
Head of RMC economics department met with the Muslim entrepreneurs of Saratov
11 Nov 2013
A business meeting devoted to the development of halal business took place in Saratov. Director of Moscow Halal Expo, head of RMC economics department Madina Kalimullina met with Muslim entrepreneurs of Saratov
International Halal Exhibition Started in Morocco
27 Sen 2013
Second international exhibition Expo Halal International has started in the city of Meknes, Morocco. Madina Kalimullina, Head of Economics Department of Russia Muftis Council and director of halal exhibition Moscow Halal Expo gave a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony
6th International Conference “Halal”
12 Sen 2013
6th International Conference on Halal Production took place in CNREXPO exhibition centre in Istanbul, Turkey, in the beginning of September
Caspian Halal Expo
29 Aug 2013
A welcome address of the Chairman of Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin to the guests and participants of exhibition “Caspian Halal Expo”, which opened in the Republic of Dagestan
Caspian Halal Expo Opened in Dagestan
23 Aug 2013
The exhibition “Caspian Halal Expo”, announced by deputy prime minister of Dagestan A. Kharkharov and the executive director of “Risalat Holding” M. Mukoshdibirov on <a href="">Moscow Halal Expo 2013</a>, has opened in Kaspiysk, Dagestan
An Office of RMC Halal Center Opened in Ingushetia
25 Jul 2013
In the days of holy month of Ramadan, an official opening of the office of International Center of Standardization and Certification “Halal” under the auspice of Russia Muftis Council took place in Republic of Ingushetia
Minsk Seminar “On Halal Certification of Products”
8 Jul 2013
International Center of Standardization and Certification “Halal” under Russia Muftis Council took part in the international seminar “On Halal Certification of Products” that took part in Minsk on July 5

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