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Head of RMC Economics department takes part in Russian-Moroccan Business Forum A Russian-Moroccan Business Forum, organized by Russian-Arab Business Council, has opened in Casablanca, Morocco. Russian business delegation is taking part in the event.

Russia Muftis Council is represented on the forum by the head of Economics department, director of Moscow Halal Expo Madina Kalimullina.

The forum will host a regular session of Russian-Moroccan Business Council, presentations of Russian companies, visits of Moroccan core companies and privately- and government owned enterprises. It is expected that the business forum will be visited by the leadership of Morocco's largest companies in most areas of industry, representatives of relevant ministries and government agencies of the host country. During the work days of the forum, workgroups dedicated to partnership in various sectors of the economy will be created. A visit to ASMEX is scheduled on December 4.

During the business forum, which will be visited by food companies, a special meeting will be called to draw attention to the opening possibilities of halal goods and services on the world market.

"For Russian companies, Morocco can become "the Gate to Africa", with its huge population of 1.2 billion people living on the territory of 53 countries. We can provide a long list of favourable benefits, exemptions and measures to ease the work on local market," said ASMEX chairman, co-chairman of Moroccan-Russian Business Council Mr Hassan Sentissi, inviting Russian companies to come to Moroccan market.

RMC press service and halalexpo.org

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