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Head of RMC economics department met with the Muslim entrepreneurs of Saratov A business meeting devoted to the development of halal business took place in Saratov. Director of Moscow Halal Expo, head of RMC economics department Madina Kalimullina met with the Muslim entrepreneurs of the city.

Members of the Muslim business community watched a presentation of Moscow Halal Expo exhibition and discussed special aspects of halal industry development in the region and the country as a whole.

Director of the exhibition Madina Kalimullina made a presentation and told about the particularities of halal business in Russia, outlining the possible difficulties that the market is facing, and gave a detailed account of the project of the exhibition and events organized during it, stressing that more and more regions and halal manufacturers take part in each Moscow Halal Expo, thus getting more opportunities for development.

During the meeting, the participants were presented the opportunities offered by Moscow Halal Expo; among them presentation and advertisement of their products and services, talks with different businessmen and purchasing agents, presentation of future projects, learning and so on.

Madina Kalimullina stressed the importance of developing halal industry, and the need to build one's business in accordance with the laws of halal, which are applied not only to food sector.

Among the questions asked by the participants of the discussion were particularities of halal certification in certain branches of industry, prospects of franchised halal businesses, halal manufacturing control, formation of prices, prospects of entering the market of Kazakhstan and others.

In the end of the meeting, chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Saratov Oblast Muqaddas hazrat Bibarsov stressed the importance of such events in the development of halal industry of the region.

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