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A Territory of Business Excellence
23 Jun 2013
As lately as ten years ago, nobody could imagine that the halal business sector of Russia might grow to a scale of such a significant international event as Moscow Halal Expo...
Why do Russian companies misuse halal certificates?
23 Jun 2024

Halal product sellers, as a rule, have production certificates, but it is preferable that butcher's shops or cafes that have halal meat on the menu should be certified as well

Strengthening the role of Halal in the life of the Russian Ummah
23 Jun 2024

The wecloming speech of the Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin to the participants of the the International Symposium "Islamic Finance and Analytics"

Youth Forum
23 Jun 2024

Muslim Youth Forum "The Muslim youth of Russia in today's realities" will be held in Moscow on June 9, 2012 at the III Moscow International Halal Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo at the Russian Exhibition Centre

On the eve of the great event
23 Jun 2024


Less than in a week in Moscow, the third Moscow International HALAL Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2012 will take place

"Halal" market - problems and prospects
23 Jun 2024

 May 30 the lecture hall of the "Elbrusoid" Foundation will host a seminar on "Development of Halal products in Russia and the world"

The results of business trip
23 Jun 2024

Aydar Gazizov: Russia - Organization of Islamic Cooperation: new prospects for cooperation in the sphere of "Halal" industry

The deadline for the participation in the Moscow Halal Expo 2011 is extended
23 Jun 2024

Attention! Due to the large number of applications received by the organizing committee of Moscow Halal Expo 2011, the terms of their reception are extended till May 18

Halal Food - Healthy Nutrition
23 Jun 2024

In Russian meat industry scientific and research institute (VNII MP) the qualification courses “Meat and religion: introduction of halal production” took place in May 2008

Meeting on Halal issues
23 Jun 2024

The issues of Halal Production Standardization and Certification Centre were discussed on the meeting on February 06

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