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Caspian Halal Expo A welcome address of the Chairman of Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin to the guests and participants of exhibition “Caspian Halal Expo”, which opened in the Republic of Dagestan.

“On behalf of Russia Muftis Council and millions of Russia’s Muslims, let me congratulate you with the opening of Caspian Halal Expo and pray for success of all those who united to make it possible.

Following the laws of halal, abidance by God’s rulings of things allowed and forbidden is one of the many acts of worship, and an evidence of devotion to the One and Almighty Allah, Creator of all things.

Great responsibility rests with the organizers, participants and guests of this event. It is up to the entrepreneurs and whether they will be able to reach consensus, unite and outline future areas of development of halal industry, that will exercise significant influence on present and future consumers, both within our nation and abroad.

It is only by acting on the principles of Muslim ethics, honesty and morals that we can, by joining forces, effectively form halal infrastructure in the regions of our country, and develop a stable investment system based on the principles of partnership. North Caucasus has a big potential in that field, which is proved by successful initiatives in the development of Islamic finance and investment in the region.

Russia Muftis Council, being a partner of this event, reapproves its readiness to take all efforts to support this project, as well as all other projects aimed at the development of halal industry in the regions of our country.

We ask the Creator to give people of our country peace and prosperity, and call for blessings and mercy of Allah upon our entrepreneurs and financial companies who follow halal ethics in their business, out of which rectitude is the most important one”.

With kind prayers,
Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin
Russia Muftis Council

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