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Caspian Halal Expo Opened in Dagestan The exhibition “Caspian Halal Expo”, announced by the deputy prime minister of Dagestan A. Kharkharov and the executive director of “Risalat Holding” company M. Mukoshdibirov on Moscow Halal Expo 2013, has opened in Kaspiysk, Dagestan. The event is organized under the auspices of Dagestan government, Spiritual Administartion of Muslims of Dagestan and Russia Muftis Council.

This project is a continuation of RMC’s initiative of organizing halal exhibition in Moscow. According to the Chairman of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Dagestan Ahmad hajji Abdullaev, the initiative of RMC Chairman mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin to organize such exhibitions is an invaluable contribution to the development of halal industry in Russia. The programme and format of Moscow Halal Expo was taken as an example for Caspian halal exhibition.

The importance of RMC’s contribution was also mentioned by the President of Kazakhstan Halal Industry Association Marat Agibaevich Sarsenbaev, who came to Dagestan for the first time to take part in the business part of the exhibition.

Caspian Halal Expo hosts products and services of more than fifty companies. Most of them come from Dagestan, but there are also some from adjacent Republic of Chechnya, as well as from Tatarstan and Moscow region.

The exhibition was opened by the Head of RMC Economics Department, Director of Moscow Halal Expo Madina Kalimullina, who read out the address of the Chairman of Russia Muftis Council. In particular, it said:

“It is only by acting on the principles of Muslim ethics, honesty and morals that we can, by joining forces, effectively form halal infrastructure in the regions of our country, and develop a stable investment system based on the principles of partnership. North Caucasus has a big potential in that field, which is proved by successful initiatives in the development of Islamic finance and investment in the region.

Russia Muftis Council, being a partner of this event, reapproves its readiness to take all efforts to support this project, as well as all other projects aimed at the development of halal industry in the regions of our country.”

The exhibition will work until August 25.

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