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6th International Conference “Halal” 6th International Conference on Halal Production took place in CNREXPO exhibition centre in Istanbul, Turkey, in the beginning of September.

On invitation of GIDMES, Turkish halal certifying authority that organized this forum, it was attended by International Centre of Standardization and Certification “Halal” of Russia Muftis Council, represented by its chairman Aydar hajji Gazizov and director of International Relations and Trade Department Samat Sadykov.

The conference was also attended by long-time business partners of ICSC “Halal” who take part in its annual Halal Congress, including HDC Chairman Asad Sajjad, president of World Halal Council Tafiir Najaar, renown scholars Hani al-Mazidi (Kuwait), Aida Ghanem (Palestine) and many others.

Aydar Gazizov, who took word at the opening ceremony, extended the greetings of the Chairman of Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin to the audience, and wished them success in this event, that he called important for all Muslim Ummah.

In his speech, Aydar hajji Gazizov briefly told the audience about the work of ICSC “Halal” and creation of Eurasian Union of Standardization and Certification “Halal”. Mr Gazizov also told that a number of companies certified by the Centre are ready to export their goods abroad. In the end of his speech, he thanked the organizers of the forum and expressed his hope that cooperation with such reputable organizations as GIMDES and WHC will help Russian halal companies to come on international markets, which will further boost cooperation between organizations.

Press service of ICSC “Halal”

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