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Second international exhibition Expo Halal International has started in the city of Meknes, Morocco. Madina Kalimullina, Head of Economics Department of Russia Muftis Council and director of halal exhibition Moscow Halal Expo, gave a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony.

Addressing the mayor of Meknes, minister of Malaysian state Penang and other guests and participants of the event, she passed the greeting on behalf of the Chairman of Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin and wished success to the second international halal exhibition in Morocco.

"In Russia, halal certification system started developing ten years ago, and now, thanks to the efforts of Russia Muftis Council and International Center of Standardization and Certification 'Halal', we have over 200 certified halal manufacturers and service providers. It was one of our initial beliefs that Halal is not just food and drink but rather a way of life, our behaviour and our business conduct," she said.

In the end of her speech, Madina Kalimullina expressed her hope that the participant companies will find ways to strengthen their partnership and business ties during the exhibition.

Participants of Moroccan exhibition were also invited to come to Moscow and take part in V international exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2014.

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