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Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin: I call for unity!
20 Nov 2015
Speech of Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin at the joint meeting of the Council of the Federation and the Russian State Duma under the chairmanship of the heads of both chambers of the parliament Sergey Naryshkin and Valentina Matvienko
Stopping the terror
20 Nov 2015
Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin is taking part in the joint meeting of the Council of the Federation and the Russian State Duma under the chairmanship of the heads of both chambers of the parliament
Vladimir Putin congratulated Russia's Muslims with Eid al-Fitr
17 Jul 2015
Russian leader congratulated the country's Muslims on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr holiday
Eid al-Fitr in Moscow
13 Jul 2015
Locations of Eid prayers in Moscow
2015 hajj season discussed in the Federation Council
2 Apr 2015
An organizational meeting for preparing to 2015 hajj season took place in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation
An ulama meeting in Abu Dhabi discussed the issue of modernizing Islamic education and the problem of flashpoints
17 Feb 2015
"The goal is to reach understanding on the position of Islam towards the ongoing terror," said the professor of Islamic sciences of Zayed University Dr Kulthum Al-Muhairi.

The Council of Elders that met in Abu Dhabi last week decided to send "envoys of peace" to the conflict zones to explain the correct understanding of Shari'a law and make extremists renounce violence and bloodshed.

The former minister of religious affairs of Indonesia Dr Muhammad Shihab also noted that interfaith dialogue should be carried out more actively and in a more practical manner.

According to portal, sheikh Abdullah bin Bayah noted that the delegations "will address ISIL as well as other groups."

The delegations will include intellectuals who will "deal with the realia of violence and conflict."

According to sheikh bin Bayah, "in such a deadly atmosphere" religious scholars, intellectuals, representatives of universities and honest politicians would make "the best firefighters who will have a chance to extinguish the flame of violence."
Aaron Gurevich: letter of mufti Ravil Gaynutdin is just and well-timed
13 Feb 2015
Letter of the leader of Russia's Muslims mufti Ravil Gaynutdin is just and very well-timed, said chief military rabbi of the Russian Army Aaron Gurevich
A rally in support of religion and spiritual traditions
19 Jan 2015
The meeting at the main square of Grozny brought together several hundred thousand people
Hajji Emirali Ablaev: Thanks to the support of mufti Ravil Gaynutdin, we were able to weather all difficulties
13 Dec 2014
Mufti of Crimea Emirali hajji Ablaev expressed his deep gratitude to the head of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Russian Federation and Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin for his support to Crimean Tatar Muslims in a decisive time for the future of Crimea in 2014
First Muslim adhan to sound over Antarctica
24 Nov 2014
For the first time in history, Muslim adhan will sound in Antarctica
Mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin blessed the construction of mosque in Arkhangelsk
15 Nov 2014
Chairman of Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin blessed the construction of a mosque at its historical site in the city of Arkhangelsk
A bloody crime
17 Aug 2014
Today, on August 17, a farewell ceremony for the deputy mufti of the Republic of North Ossetia and imam of Vladikavkaz mosque Rasul Gamzatov, who was killed overnight into Sunday, will take place in the capital of the republic
Muslims of Moscow—to the children of Gaza
29 Jul 2014
345 thousand roubles (circa $10,000) were donated by the Muslims of Moscow Jum'ah mosque to the children victims of Israeli aggression in Gaza
Crimeans will have more holidays
26 Jun 2014
Muslim holidays will give Crimeans more days off, according to the media

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