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Minsk Seminar “On Halal Certification of Products” International Center of Standardization and Certification “Halal” under Russia Muftis Council took part in the international seminar “On Halal Certification of Products” that took place in Minsk on July 5. The visit was organized by the State Committee of Standardization of the Republic of Belarus, Republican Unitary Enterprise “Belarussian State Institute of Metrology” and Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Belarus, and it took place in the Big Conference Hall of Belarussian State Institute of Metrology. The seminar was opened by the speeches of Chairman of State Committee of Standardization Viktor Nazarenko and Mufti of the Republic of Belarus Abu-Bekir hazrat Shabanovich. The questions discussed were:

1. Requirements for halal certification of enterprises.
2. Rules of procedure of halal certifying bodies of Russian Federation, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Belarus.
3. Stages of acquisition of halal conformity certificates.
4. Problem areas of halal industry.

This symposium brought together leading halal industry experts from post-Soviet countries. Among those who delivered speeches were the executive director of International Center of Standardization and Certification “Halal”, Chairman of Eurasian Union of Standardization and Certification “Halal”, professor of theology Marat hajji Sarsenbaev, executive director of “BelHalal” LLC, Co-Chairman of Eurasian Union of Standardization and Certification “Halal”, Deputy Chairman of the Mufti of Belarus Rustam hazrat Khasenevich. In addition to that, deputy director of compliance assessment department of BelSIM Sergey Krasichkov, head of department of standardization, metrology and quality management of Belarussian State Institute of Continued Education Elena Davydova and leading specialist of BelSIM Elena Bulavina informed the audience of the development of state halal standard of the Republic of Belarus.

Rauf hajji Tyugaev, founder of one of the first halal producing companies in Russia “Halal-Ash”, current director of Ecoprod company, shared his experience in manufacturing halal goods in Russian Federation. Ildar efendi Aleev presented company “Horizon” that specializes in sales of halal goods in Belarussian Republic.

The participants of the seminar noted the significance and importance of this event for further development of halal industry of Eurasian Union.

Aydar hajji Gazizov and Marat hajji Sarsenbaev heartily congratulated their young colleague Rustam hazrat Khasenevich with the successful opening of Belarussian center of halal certification “BelHalal”.

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