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A bloody crime Today, on August 17, a farewell ceremony for the deputy mufti of the Republic of North Ossetia and imam of Vladikavkaz mosque Rasul Gamzatov, who was killed overnight into Sunday, will take place in the capital of the republic.

Chairman of Russia Muftis Council sent his condolences to the imam's family.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case in this regard.

According to the preliminary information, on August 16, around 11:40 PM, an unknown man fired at least seven times at the deputy mufti near the entrance of an apartment house at Dovator prospect. Rasul Gamzatov was wounded multiple times in his head and body and died on the spot.

The source in the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of North Ossetia said that the assassination is most likely connected with the religious activities of the imam, but mentioned that he had not received any death threats lately.

The previous deputy mufti of the republic and imam of Vladikavkaz mosque Ibragim Dudarov was also shot and killed by unknown men on his way home in December 2013. This crime has not been resolved yet.

In the last few years, North Caucasus region saw a couple of dozens of assassinations of Muslim religious and community leaders, chiefly in the Republic of Dagestan. In many cases, crimes against them were connected with their religious activities and their advocacy of traditional Islam which antagonized extremists.

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