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Articles > Islam and Muslims > Aaron Gurevich: letter of mufti Ravil Gaynutdin is just and well-timed

Letter of the leader of Russia's Muslims mufti Ravil Gaynutdin is just and very well-timed, said chief military rabbi of the Russian Army Aaron Gurevich.

"We must not tolerate even smallest attempts of justifying Nazism and its crimes, we must not let Auschwitz be compared to some 'labour camp' and shouldn't let anyone revise the role of the Great Victory that cost us so much blood and was won only through unparalleled heroism and sacrifice of our multinational, multireligious people," said rabbi. "We never stop repeating that when we work with the youth, and I know that our Muslim clergymen and members of other traditional religions of Russia do the same."

"Muslims of Russia" (Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia)

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