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Muslims of Moscow—to the children of Gaza Muslims of Moscow Jum'ah mosque donated 345 thousand roubles (around $10,000) to the Palestinian child victims of Israeli aggression. The fundraising was announced on July 25—an International al-Quds Day—during the Friday prayer. The money will be spent on medical supplies for children who got wounded and maimed by the Israeli military.

The fundraising was organized by SAMER fund "Zakat". Since it mostly specializes in supporting the needy within Russia, the task of delivering the aid to Palestine will be entrusted to Solidarity Fund. "Today or tomorrow the charity money will be transferred to Solidarity account," said the mufti of Moscow, chief imam of Moscow Jum'ah mosque Ildar Alyautdinov.

On the eve of al-Quds Day and with reference to the Israeli military operation in Gaza, Russia Muftis Council made an announcement condemning the actions of Israeli soldiery and calling for the stop of the decades-long aggression against the civilian population of Palestine.

The fundraising will be continued. All people willing to help are invited to transfer money to the Zakat fund (stating the purpose) or donate personally after the next Friday prayer in Moscow Memorial mosque.

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