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First Muslim adhan to sound over Antarctica For the first time in history, Muslim adhan will sound in Antarctica.

On Monday, members of Antarctica 100 expedition were presented with Qur'an in the Museum of Islamic Culture of the Qolsharif Mosque in Tatarstan, Russia. The Qur'an will be later presented to the polar explorers at Russia's Bellingshausen Antarctic station.

"We all know that the first printed Qur'an was published in Kazan by Tatars and it's common knowledge that these copies of the Holy book were read not only in Russia, but also in Central Asia and the whole Arab world. The word "Qur'an" means "a book that is always read". Soon it will be read as far as in Antarctica, and for the first time, adhan will be recited there: truly a historical time for us Muslims. I pass this Qur'an on to Rustam Gilmutdinov, member of the expedition, chairman of the support fund of the Russian Geographical Society, so that he could, already there, practically on the edge of the world, address the Almighty God, asking Him for peace on earth. We hope that his prayer will be accepted," stressed Niyaz Sabirov.

All in all, Antarctica will receive three identical copies of the Qur'an: one of them will stay at Bellingshausen Station while the other two will return to Kazan and will be presented to the Russian Geographical Society and the Museum of Islamic Culture.

Antarctica 100 is a project of Russian Geographical Society devoted to the discoverer of Antarctica and the only academician aboard the First Russian Antarctic expedition Ivan Smirnov. The current expedition, which starts at the gates of Kazan Kremlin on November 28, will be aimed at studying the hydrologic system of Antarctica. In addition to that, members of the Russian Geographical Society plan to set a new world record of deepest diving in the area. Another important part of the project is the spiritual mission. Besides the Qur'an, members of the expedition will receive the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan from the Diocese of Kazan and Tatarstan and deliver it to the polar explorers. Back in 2004, the southernmost Orthodox church had already been built in Antarctica. Its wooden building was delivered to the continent of eternal ice from Altai Mountains. The holy book of Muslims will appear in the region for the first time, becoming an important event for the whole Muslim world.

RIA Novosti

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