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Less than in a week in Moscow, the third Moscow International HALAL Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2012 will take place.

This year's event will be held at the Exhibition Centre in Hall number 75 and will last 4 days since 7 till 10 June.

According to the organizing committee, the number of exhibitors this year exceeded one hundred, an increase of more than 25% compared to last year and nearly doubled number compared with the first Exhibition in 2010.

The Exhibition and Business Forum is expected to host delegations from 30 countries worldwide.

Among the honored guests of the Exhibition - member of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, the head of the oversight body for the importation of goods into the country Dr. Muhammad Al-Kanhal, Deputy Director of the Institute of Standardization and Metrology of Islamic countries Chagry Dzhankurtaran, the president of European Muslim Union, a member of the executive committee Salamworld Abu Bakr Rieger , chairman of the Technical Committee number 57 on the standardization of products "Halal", Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Sarsenbayev, the chief editor of Salamworld, author of translation of the Quran into Russian Elmir Kuliev, the leadership of the World Islamic Economic Forum and other sign people.

Among the speakers of the Business Forum on Islamic finance are the author of the book "The Satanic Finance", the former head of the "Bank Muamalat Indonesia" Riavan Amin, president of ASSAIF, consultant "of the transaction of the year in the Islamic finance" of AK BARS Bank Alberto Brunoni, a member of the Working Group on Islamic Finance UK Treasury Fazl Syed, as well as members of the Russian Association of Experts in Islamic finance.

For the first time the Exhibition will host delegations from the Philippines, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sudan. Separate round tables in the Exhibition will focus on the topics of trade and export of halal products, as well as the promotion of Islamic finance.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the start of the International Centre for Standardization and Certification of Halal under the Russian Muftis Council, and this event in the framework of the Exhibition will be given special attention. In total, during the Exhibition over 20 business, cultural events and competitions will be held.


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