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May 30 the lecture hall of the "Elbrusoid" Foundation will host a seminar on "Development of Halal products in Russia and the world." The event was organized by the International Center of Standardization and Certification "Halal" of the Russian Muftis Council, the Foundation "Promoting Karachay-Balkar youth development" Elbrusoid"; Islamic analytical center "Fikra".

The main points to be considered during the session are following: the development of "Halal" products in Russia and abroad: an analysis of the causes of the growing interest of both Muslims and non-Muslims for halal products, review of "Halal" market in Russia - Problems and Prospects.

The one of speakers will be Dr. and Head of the International Centre for Standardization and Certification "Halal" at the Russian Muftis Council, head of the Inter-regional public organization for protecting the rights of consumers of goods and services "Halal" - Aydar Alhaji G. Gazizov.

Also the program of the meeting includes - banquet, tasting food of "Halal" manufacturers.

Time of Event: May 30, 2012 at 18:00. Address: Moscow, Semenovskaya Sq., 7, Assembly Hall (studio).

Contacts: 8 (925) 411-05-70, (495) 366-45-23 / 366-39-60. e-mail: ,

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