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In Russian meat industry scientific and research institute (VNII MP) the qualification courses “Meat and religion: introduction of halal production” have started this week. The courses are organized by Russia Mufties Council. Among the participants of the courses are the heads and representatives of the Religious boards of Muslims of the Republic of Mordovia, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, the Rostov region, Moscow region as well as the representatives of the enterprises dealing in halal production from Moscow region, Belgorod region, Saratovregion and Saint-Petersburg.

The auditors of the courses were greeted by deputy director of VNII MP B.E. Gutnik. He stressed the importance of the topic and its humanistic value he noted that the institute has considerable experience in the discussed issues. “I am glad that we cooperate with Russia Mufties council in the sphere and hope this cooperation will develop”, he said.

Deputy chairman of European part of Russia for science Farid Asadullin reminded that Russia muftis Council since it was established has been attaching great importance to creating possibilities for Muslims to buy halal production. “Today together with the profile institute we solve a big social problem of healthy way of life, health of Russian citizen”, - he added.

In the first day the courses the report of the RMC representatives were made, among which are “Canonic bases of production and trade of haal production” by head of Department of religious education and religious organizations Arslan Sadriev, “International and domestic market of halal products” by projects manager of International relations department Madina Kalimullina, “Legal bases and prospects of halal standardization” by general director of “Noor.LTD” Aidar  Gazizov.

Director of halal development department Jafar Azizbaev told in detail about the rules of certification of halal products and demands for organization of production of halal meat.

On May 29 the heads of biggest halal producers will present their speech in front of the audience.

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