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The meeting took place on February 06, and was headed by mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin.

Addressing the participants of the meeting mufti stressed the importance of halal production activities. “Working for saving physical health of Muslims, that was prescribed by Allah the Almighty along with securing spiritual health during our life on Earth”, noted Ravil Gaynutdin.

Mufti also underlined that halal industry is now developing rapidly in the world and 5 years after the address on the part of the Chairman of Russia Mufties Council to the Government of the Russian Federation concerning support of production and distribution of halal products we can calculate the first positive results.

Volume work is being conducted by Halal products Standardization and Certification Centre, ensuring the consumers of halal products of its quality and be aware of its ingredients.

Within the meeting the best producers of halal products were awarded diplomas, among them:

  •  Shop and caf? “Azyk” LTD
  • “Halal – Ash” LTD
  • Meat producer trade and producing company “Ecol”
  • “Safa” JSC
  • “Tsaritsino” JSC
  • “Prioskolye” JSC
  • “Krasnobor” JSC
  • Supermarket “Apelsin”

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