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A meeting between RMC deputy chairman Rushan hazrat Abbyasov and the first secretary of Malaysian embassy Mrs Ilham Nursikim Rosli took place in Russia Muftis Council.

The meeting was also attended by the head of RMC Economics department Madina Kalimullina and the head of foreign relations department Ildar hazrat Galeev.

During the meeting, Mrs Rosli has conveyed the warm greetings of Malaysian ambassador in Russia Mr Zainol Abidin bin Omar, and informed Rushan hazrat of complaints coming fr om Malaysian students from Moscow and Volgograd who report negative attitudes towards girls who follow teachings of Islam and wear traditional Islamic clothing.

There are currently more than two thousand Malaysian students in Russia. Most of them are bright and talented students from Malaysian countryside wh ere Islam is a way of life practiced from early childhood. That is why Malaysian students percieve performing salat and wearing hijab and overall living in accordance with the rules of Islam as completely natural.

Rushan hazrat Abbyasov in his turn said that Russia Muftis Council takes cognizance of such complaints and tries to resolve them through dialogue and education, since most of the cases of Islamophobia are artificially induced and result from misinformation of society on the essence and teachings of Islam.

The parties agreed to continue their cooperation and organize a meeting between the leadership of Malaysian students and RMC staff.

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