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Chairman of Russia Muftis Council mufti sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin received the Chairman of the Muslim community of Finland Atiq Ali and imam of the community Ramil hazrat Beliayev in RMC residency.

The meeting took place within the framework of IX Muslim Forum "Socialization of the Ummah in the Strategy of Development of Civil Society" and VI International Educational Conference "International Dimension of Islamic Education in Russia: Muslim Education in Eurasia".

The parties discussed issues pertaining to multilateral cooperation between Russia Muftis Council and the Muslim community of Finland. Mufti Ravil Gaynutdin told the guests of the construction progress of Moscow Jum'ah Mosque, the main mosque of Russia. Ravil hazrat also gave a detailed account of RMC efforts in strengthening interfaith and interethnic dialogue within the rapidly changing Russian society.

Chairman of the Muslim community of Finland Atiq Ali told the leader of Russian Muslims about the activities of their community, particularly mentioning the positive trend in relations of Russian and Finnish Muslims that manifested itself in the exchange of delegations this year. He also spoke of the role of Finnish Tatars in the interfaith dialogue and relationships between religion and state in the country of thousand lakes.

Ramil hazrat Beliayev told the mufti about the spiritual life of the community and the new books that are soon to be published.

Atiq Ali heartily thanked the mufti for the invitation to take part in the forum, and expressed his confidence in further strengthening of ties between the Muslims of Russia and Finland.

RMC press service

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