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Head of the International department of Russia Muftis Council Ildar hazrat Galeev and officer of Foreign education department Yulia Ishmuratova visited the residency of Malaysian embassy where they met with first secretary Mrs Najwa Musyrifah Ramli.

During the meeting, the parties discussed issues pertaining to bilateral cooperation—particularly, the issues of education in Malaysia under current educational programs, organization of International Qur'an Reciting Competition and International Exhibition Moscow Halal Expo 2014.

In her turn, first secretary of Malaysian embassy expressed her readiness to help Russian students in taking long- and short term educational programs in Malaysian universities. She also expressed her hopes to see even more companies at Moscow Halal Expo, and supported the idea of inviting a Malaysian expert to join the jury board of International Qur'an Reciting Competition.

The parties agreed to continue their effective cooperation as part of developing bilateral Russian-Malaysian relations.

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