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Europe's largest Muslim conference devoted to the recent terrorist acts and protection of religious minority rights in Europe has ended this weekend.

This year, the conference in Le Bourget began on April 3 and closed on April 5. This event traditionally serves as a platform for discussing the pressing issues of the Muslim community.

"We denounce terrorism; being Muslim citizens of our country, we denounce barbarism," said the president of the Union of the Islamic Organisations of France Amar Lasfar, as quoted by Ansar.ru and Agence France Presse. "We are loyal to our country and respect France. We love God, we love our Prophet, and we also love French Republic."

"Muslims are often blamed for insufficiently denouncing violence and terrorism, as if they are directly responsible for it, which is untrue," added the president of the French Council for Muslim Creed Dalil Boubakeur.

"Islam is not an outlandish faith, it is national Islam that deserves acknowledgement and respect on the part of French people along with other communities," he added.

During the conference, thousands of Muslims visited exhibition fair of Islamic literature and accessories, attended the lectures of the Islamic scholars and participated in Qur'an reciting competition.

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