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Media Carelessness is Inexcusable! On October 22, 2013, in a news report on federal TV channel Russia 1, a reporter told that one of the possible organizers of a terrorist attack in Volgograd, member of Makhachkala bandit group Dmitry Sokolov was a student of Moscow madrasah (Islamic school) "Kawthar". Anar hazrat Ramazanov, headmaster of madrasah and leader of the Local Religious Organization of Muslims of Chertanovo "Kawthar", which is part of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Moscow city, refuted this allegation.

Anar hazrat Ramazanov told that neither Dmitry Sokolov nor Naida Asiyalova have ever been students of "Kawthar".

"The claim that the suspects of organizing and committing terrorist act in Volgograd, namely Naida Asiyalova and Dmitry Sokolov, were students of Islamic school "Kawthar", is completely false. We strongly urge mass media not to misinform their audience, issue a rebuttal of the claim and present apologies for lies and libel. Otherwise, we will have to defend our good name in court," said Mr Ramazanov.

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