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The mufti of Tatarstan does not consider the demolition of the mosque in Moscow for a reason of discord.

Demolition of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, which was announced by IA REGNUM, caused a great resonance in all Russian regions, where there are Muslim communities. However, the mufti of Tatarstan Ildus Faizov called this noise that had been raised around this event, frivolous and unnecessary.

" As if this is the only problem of the Muslims today - the head of the DUM of the republic said. – It is scary to think what time we are living in with you: advertising age and age of getting benefit in any way. Today, everything in this world is measured in material terms. It is impossible to think about spirituality, conscience without couching them in any political or commercial wrapper. Surely the humanity cannot get the lessons of history, can it? "- these  were the words of the Mufti's press service of the Religious Board of Muslims of Tatarstan according to the correspondent of IA REGNUM.

We should recall that at the night of September 10, during a rainstorm the western wall of the old building of the mosque (it was built in 1904 by architect Nikolay Zhukov) collapsed. In the morning at the initiative of the Religious Board of Muslims of European part of Russia (DUMER), which is headed by Mufti Ravil Gaynutdin, it was decided to urgently demolish the remaining three walls, because there was a danger of further destruction. "After the rubble removal it is supposed to start work on rebuilding the historic part of the new mosque complex" - the Russian Muftis Council (RMC) spread this message.

The Mufti of Tatarstan is confident that "it is not a reason for quarrels and discord within the Muslim Ummah." "You should rely on God and see the positives in everything - Ildus Faizov said. - Allah said:" Perhaps you think that is good, but it would be bad for you. You may have something to hate, but it will be good for you. Allah knows and you do not know."

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