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The representative of the Bashkir regional branch of "The Support of Russia" Ruslan Iskhakov: “The republic's population prefers to goods and services under the brand of "Halal"

In recent years, the Russian market of halal products and services is booming. There are new industries such as halal tourism, halal medicine, Islamic banking, etc. The necessity and importance of the Halal industry was noted by the leader of the Committee on Investment and Public-Private Partnership of the Bashkir regional branch "The Support of Russia" Ruslan Iskhakov.

The representative of "The Support of Russia" notes that at present Halal products are increasingly in demand in the market and the reason is the low level of public confidence in the work of Rospotrebnadzor. At the same time, as an example of Bashkortostan, the republic's residents have  trust in Islam. According to Ruslan Iskhakov, due to these factors "Halal" brand approved itself in the region, and is in great demand.

"As a consumer, when I see a product, I choose a product under the brand of" Halal ", most of my friends do the same," - Ruslan Iskhakov said.

In his view, Halal can be a good tool for a system of voluntary certification of food products through Rospotrebnadzor, "because people believed the standard of “Halal ", rather than some other GOST standards. I.e., it is considered to be the case if it is supported by the clergy, there would not be any cheating.”

Given all these factors, Ruslan Iskhakov, as a representative of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses, whose main goal is to promote the consolidation of entrepreneurs and other citizens to participate in creating an enabling political, economic, legal and other conditions of development of entrepreneurship in the country, plans to promote brand "Halal" among his partners.

Rinat Sagitov, a Representative of ID "Medina" in Bashkortostan,a special correspondent of  IslamRF.Ru


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