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The new issue of Afisha magazine that went on sale recently is devoted to the everyday life of Moscow Muslims. It is remarkable that the editorial staff tried their best to find out why second largest religion of Russia still mostly lives in the shadow, why Moscow Muslims who number at least 300,000 (according to the different estimates, Moscow is home to 1 to 2 million Muslims—editorial note) have only four mosques in the city.

The authors of Afisha tried to answer such questions as: is it hard to find a job if you're wearing hijab and is it hard to find place to perform your prayer; who frequents Islamic clothing shops, what's the relation between an average Moscow believer and international terrorism; how students of Moscow universities turn to Islam and how Islam influenced graffiti, hip hop, traditional depiction of superheroes and pop culture as a whole.

According to the website Islam-today, magazine Afisha was founded in April 1999 and today is the leading entertainment site and magazine. It has three editions: one devoted to Moscow, the other to St Petersburg and the third to the other 20 cities of Russia.


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