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Articles > Islam in mass media > Head of Australian National Security: "We should be thanking Muslims!"

David Irvine, Director-General of Security of Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, told that Australian citizens should thank their Muslim countrymen for their help in fighting terrorism instead of blaming them for every sin possible.

Mr. Irvine argued it was wrong to think a tiny number of “violent extremists, who nevertheless could make a rather big bang” represent the Muslim community of Australia, according to the site

“We are talking about a few hundred abhorrent souls in a community of half-a-million Muslims and it’s grossly unfair to blame Australian Muslims who see themselves as a committed component of Australia’s multicultural society,” he told the National Press Club in Canberra.

“It’s wrong to be blaming them for the sins of a tiny minority. As the Government has said increasingly in recent times, our fight is with terrorism, it is not with Islam and it is not with our Muslim community.”

“Recent uninformed criticism of the leadership of Australia’s Muslim community ignores the fact that most Muslim leaders, both civilian and spiritual, have striven hard to address the problem of a few misguided people in their midst.”

The news came soon after Australian security agencies intercepted one citizen who was trying to depart to Syria and Iraq to join terrorists.

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