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"It is important that the different mass media European as well did not call terrorists as partisans, rebels, fighters for independence. And there can't be another definition for them except criminals. In this sense, of course, i hope very much that our position, the consolidated position on the war on terror, will continue in such a way" - these are words from the interview of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, which he gave to the Norwegian newspaper "Afterposten" and it is posted on the official website of the President.
On the eve of his visit to Norway, the President said about Islam: "It should be Islam which is traditional to our country".
To the question of the journalist about how the government should operate in Russia against terrorism, Dmitry Medvedev gave the following answer: "It should act decidedly, firmly, consistently and intelligently. It should make quick responsive measures, that should be different, i emphasize. To treat in this case strictly to the actual terrorists themselves, to the bandit underground, to those who seek to sow terror, kill our people both in Moscow and in the Caucasus."
The President of Russia said: "It is uneasy to destroy terrorists themselves, but to create conditions to make life in the Caucasus modern, acceptable to people so that they can achieve their desires both material and spiritual. The material desire is just to have normal income, to purchase normal property. And spiritual ones for the Muslims regions mainly are to normally profess Islam. But it must be Islam, which is traditional to our country, not that is dragged from abroad often in a terrorist package."

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