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On the day of celebration the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, Eid al Fitr - Uraza Bayram, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the residence of the Chairman of the Russian Mufties Council  Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin in the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Early in the morning the Russian Mufties Council received a telegram of congratulations of Prime Minister Putin, which was announced in a festive sermon by the Chairman of the Russian Mufties Council.

В. Путин вручает Председателю СМР шейху Равилю Гайнутдину памятный подарок

Personally the Head of the Russian Government repeated good wishes to Russian Muslims and confirmed his confidence that and tomorrow our country “will need rich moral potential of Islam, stronger friendship among nations and peoples will strengthen and interfaith cooperation will develop”. 

At the meeting with the Chairman of RMC Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin Vladimir Putin said about today's events in Vladikavkaz:

“The attack in Vladikavkaz claimed again the lives of people. Undoubtedly, those who do it are people without soul and heart. They have literally nothing sacred. Our common duty is to fight with these crimes and these criminals, and we mostly count on the Muslim population of Russia who  will make a decisive contribution to this struggle.”

The Russian Mufties Council expressed its attitude to the events in a today statement.

We offer our readers a transcript of the part of the conversation in the residence of the spiritual leader of Russian Muslims.

Vladimir Putin: Dear Mufti, first of all, I want to congratulate You and all Russian Muslims on the holiday of Uraza Bayram. Last night I met with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill. He, knowing about my current plans, asked me to congratulate You and wish all the best on his behalf again.

Mufti R. Gainutdin: Special pleasure.

V. Putin: Uraza Bayram is a special holiday. Not only because you can eat after Ramadan, but primarily because it leads to the improvement of a man who has passed certain tests, withstood these tests. No wonder that this day Allah gave Prophet Muhammad the first verses of the Koran. Uraza Bayram is a special holiday because this day people help each other, remember the problems of each other and give help to those who need it. I noticed that this day people ask each other forgiveness. This is a special holiday. It is a bright holiday, a holiday of friendship, solidarity and support of each other, a feast of the world.

In this regard it is especially sad to say that there are still people who even in this bright holiday commit such heinous crimes, which occurred today in Vladikavkaz. As a result of the attack people were killed again. Undoubtedly, those who do it are people without soul and heart. They have literally nothing sacred. Our common duty is to fight with these crimes and these criminals, and we mostly count on the Muslim population of Russia who  will make a decisive contribution to this struggle. I know how Muslims treat such extremists. We feel their support, especially in the North Caucasus region, we see it. We are grateful for this support and hope that together we will overcome all these difficulties.

Mufti R. Gainutdin: Inshallah. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! On behalf of our Muslims, Russians, I would like to express to you our sinceregratitude for your congratulations we received. Today I had the opportunity to convey it to all Muslims of Russia and congratulate them on holiday of Uraza Bayram.

Those words, which were expressed in your letter, your message of congratulations, they really correspond to that we have interethnic and interreligious peace in Russia. And Muslims have contributed to the development of spirituality and morality in our country and in the future will also contribute to the preservation of peace throughout the country.

On visiting the North Caucasus, I meet with Muslims and hear from them the words of pride to be first who rose up against the extremists and terrorists. If Muslims had not started the fight with extremists and terrorists it would be hard to our federal forces to be on the territory of the Chechen Republic. Therefore, my brothers, Chechens, and Dagestan, Ingush, and say: "We have preserved the unity and integrity from the south, we did not let our country to be dismembered from the south”. And I assure you, we all - the Muslim clergy and ordinary believers are for Russia to be a single, coherent, strong and respected country in the world. And in the future we will also continue combat religious extremists, terrorists.

Today you said that, unfortunately, even in our holiday inhuman monsters commit such crimes. Today, we express our deep condolences to all those who lost their loved ones. In my holiday sermon I said that the Prophet Muhammad, referring to Muslims, said: "If anyone sheds the blood, kills an innocent person it is regarded as the destruction of the Kaaba itself." So great this sin is against our Creator!

I reminded today to my brothers and sisters, that we must preserve peace, must deal with the evils that exist. Do not spill blood and kill innocent people.

I think the faithful heard. And those who do not come to churches and do not attend mosques - they do not get in the way of instruction and they are enemies of our religion, enemies of our society. Therefore, I, expressing the gratitude to you for your greetings of Muslims, strongly condemned the terrorists who are even on a holiday does not stop, can not without bloodshed and without the propagation of hatred between our citizens.

I am sure our Russian society is mature. And our Muslims, our citizens, the Russians will not allow the spread of this phenomenon on the territory of our country. We will wage a serious fight with extremists and terrorists.

V. Putin: Dear Mufti, thank you very much for your words of condolence and for this courageous position. I know how many Muslim clerics have suffered at the hands of terrorists, clearly and openly stating their position on the rejection of terrorism and extremism. Indeed, in the Russian Federation - and it is rich in its diversity: it is multi-denominational, multi-ethnic country that is its strength - Muslims live throughout the country. In traditional Muslim areas, where Muslims live predominantly, only half the Muslims live, well, slightly more than half.

R. Gainutdin: Yes.

V. Putin: Over 40% of Muslims live in other regions of the Russian Federation. And the crimes committed in the same way that occurred today in Vladikavkaz, aimed at spreading discord between our citizens. And we do not have the right to allow this.

Of course, first and foremost a crucial role in this fight belongs the Muslims themselves. We thank You for this position. And, of course, we will work hard together, hand in hand to eradicate these phenomena completely.

During the meeting, Ravil Gainutdin informed the Prime Minister about preparations for the May 2011 Moscow European Muslim Summit and about interest in the centuries-old experience of peaceful and neighborly living in Russia people professing different religions. V. Putin promised to inform about such a significant event of the President of Russia D. Medvedev.

Prime Minister promised to support the construction of Muslim shrines in Russia, including Moscow and the Olympic capital - Sochi, where a temporary mosque should be constructed at the time of the 2014 Olympics and a worthy shrine for Muslims living in the city. The

Chairman of the Russian Mufties Council on behalf of Russian Muslims expressed thanks for the attention and support from the leadership of the country.

September 9, 2010

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