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The decision of Buguruslan court (Orenburg region) on declaring extremist several religious books was sharply criticized by Russia Mufties Council on a visiting session in Kazan on Friday. In this connection Russia Mufties Council is going to address the country's authorities and publicity.

"The discussion of the matter of the prohibited by court islamic religious literature that alarmed the whole Muslim society, went very harsh. And all the participants of the session came to a unanimous conclusion that we can't neglect this arbitrary act of the court authorities", said chairman of RMC.

Ravil Gaynutdin stressed that the RMC lawyers will in the near future work out an appeal on the decision of Buguruslan court, "prosecuted over religious literature without defendants' participation".

"A book itself can't be a defendant and can't protect itself", he explained.Chairman of Russia Mufties Council also informed that the RMC is now creating its own scientific and theological expert council. "And we will demand that the authorities recognize the decisions of the council on different questions", - stressed mufti.Moreover, RMC asks everyone to address it whenever any question concerning religios literature arises. "We shall see in future that the rights of Muslims are not infringed", said mufti.

On the journalist's question whether Russia Mufites Council is going to follow the example of Izhevsk attorney Rustem Valiullin who applied to European court on human rights on this issue, Ravil Gaynutdin answered that there is no necessity in it.

"We consider that we are able to solve these problems by ourselves in Russia."

At the end of the year 2007 the Federal Register Service completed the list of literature acknowledged by court as extremist.

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