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Mufti Rail Asainov meets the Russian Ambassador in Egypt Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Republic of Mordovia, Mufti Rail Asainov met with Russian Ambassador to Egypt Georgy Borisenko in Cairo on February, 7th. He thanked the ambassador for the assistance with the humanitarian aid mission to Palestine. It should be noted that the first decretary of the Embassy Anton Lutsik was present at the dispatch of the relief consignments collected with donations from Russian citizens and constantly provided assistance.

Georgy Borisenko emphasised that Russia supported the establishment of an independent state in Palestine, the earliest cease of fire and all possible humanitarian support to the population of Gaza. The Russian Embassy in Egypt is actively implementing the Russian policy in this regard. He also stressed that the systematic killing of civilians, which is currently taking place in Gaza, is absolutely unacceptable.

The parties also discussed economic ties between Russia and Egypt. Georgy Borisenko spoke about the significant growth of trade turnover. For example, Russia is the largest supplier of grain to Egypt. Rail Asainov said that the leadership of the Republic of Mordovia actively develops cooperation with Arab countries and promotes the halal industry.

At the end of the meeting, Rail Asainov cthanked all residents of Mordovia to the Embassy staff for their help and wished them success in their work.

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