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RBMRF attend training classes in Iran A group of experts from the organizations within the RBMRF is attending advanced training courses, which are taking place in Iran from 11 to 21 January. The experts were offered a visit to the Taghrib Centre of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in Tehran.

A class on the activities of the Islamic Radio and Television Association of Iran was conducted by Mr Abbas Bahromi, the Association's education officer. He spoke about the structure and activities of the Islamic Radio and Television Association of Iran. The Association was founded in 2008 upon the initiative of the government of IRI and non-governmental organisations, including the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts). One of its main tasks is to preserve and broadcast spiritual and moral values of Islam in the world. The Association has an extensive network of TV and radio channels. 210 TV channels broadcast not only in Iran, but also in 35 countries of the world and even in Western countries such as the UK and France. Mr. Bahromi noted that Western media outlets control 96% of news, economic and political programmes, often distorting the information. He noted that one of the most important tasks of Islamic media was to provide truthful information about Islam, its spiritual and moral values, history and development of Islam in different countries.        

Dr Ghafouri, a lecturer at Tehran University, spoke about the importance of information in the modern world and about the "media war". He has been doing research in the field of media and social media for more than 20 years. Dr Ghafouri spoke about countering the spread of Islamophobia often initiated by the US. He emhasized that Muslim must not use lies as a tool to influence viewers, listeners and readers.  He focused on the development of Islamic documentary and fiction film-making, creation of Islamic news content, and ways to bring truthful information to the general public.

The classes at the Taghrib Centre were also devoted social networks and information analysis skills.  The group of RBMRF employees then visited the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran, which is now a museum. The museum showcases real spying equipment from nearly half a century ago. The guests also visited the Sacred Defence Museum, where expositions devoted to the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq war are displayed.                    

The course programme also included sessions on countering the provocations of the collective West through the media, developing a strategic plan for media activities, as well as visits to museums and memorial sites.

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