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Russian delegation meets the Syrian minister for reigious affairs and awqaf A delegation of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation and the Zakah Charitable Foundation is currently visiting Syria. The delegation was headed by the deputy chairman of the RBMRF, Mufti Ildar Alyautdinov. Rifat Izmaylov, director general of the "Zakah" Charitable Foundation, also represents the Russian Ummah in Syria.

On June 14, the delegation of the RBMRF had a meeting with Muhammad Abd Al-Satar Al-Saidi, Minister of Religious Affairs and Awqaf of the Syrian Arab Republic. During the meeting the parties discussed possible ways of cooperation, including the upcoming visit of the Minister to Russia for the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Syrian Islamic Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia. The parties intend to organize offline and online classes for those willing to study Arabic, tafsir of the Holy Quran, hadiths etc. The courses are intended for a wide range of students, and there will be specialized courses for the members of the Ulema Council of the RBMRF. It should be noted that similar agreements have already been signed with certain countries, including Egypt and Jordan. Such classes have already been held and proved to be useful, opening new opportunities for sharing experience in various areas of Islamic knowledge.

The delegates also discussed the implementation of charity projects in Syria in cooperation with the Zakah foundation. On June 15 a school for 500 girls is to be opened in Syria. The project is implemented jointly with the Ministry of Education of Syria and is aimed at providing education opportunities for various categories of citizens.

The parties discussed the possibility of joint charity projects, including providing support for several hundred Syrian orphans. The final decision on this issue will be taken in the nearest future.

At the end of the meeting the participants exchanged gifts and expressed hope for a long and productive cooperation for the benefit of the Muslim ummah.

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