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Russia and Turkey develop cooperation in healthcare On the sidelines of the 13th International Economic Summit "Russia - the Islamic World: KazanSummit - 2022", the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia and the Health Committee of the Russia Muftis Council expanded the network of international relations in healthcare by signing memoranda and agreements.

During the summit a trilateral Memorandum of Cooperation was signed with the Centre in Modern Turkish Studies (signed with Amur Hajiyev, director of the Centre) and a trilateral agreement on cooperation with the Medical Unit of the Ankara Middle Eastern Industry and Commerce Centre (signed with Fatin Dagcinar, director of the unit).

Rushan Bayyasov (first deputy chairman of the Russia Muftis Council, deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation) noted that Russia's experience is quite popular in the Arab Muslim countries.

"We often receive requests to open Russian medical centres, and those requests come from Arab countries too. As someone who has good relations with the Arab Muslim world, we are ready to help in this matter," he said.

Muslim Muslimov, deputy chairman of the Healthcare Committee under the Russia Muftis Council, chairman of the National Association of Healthcare Managers, said that exchange of specialists and development of professional contacts between healthcare professionals can greatly contribute to the healthcare development.

"This is exactly what the patients all over the world need first of all," he said.

The memorandum and agreement stipulate that the parties will assist in strengthening and developing cooperation between the countries through the exchange of information, periodical publications and experts.

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