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Russian madrasah student becomes a prize winner of Qur'an recitation contest The Holy Quran recitation competition is held online every year during Ramadhan. It is organised bythe Saudi TV channel  Iqra' .

The Qur'an reciters from around the world are invited to participate. Several thousand people send in their applications, and the 250 participants can pass to the next stage.

According to the results of the final qualifying round, this year 20 Qur'an reciters made it to the final stage. One of them was Yasir Dodarbekov, a student of the Sheikh Said Madrasah in Saratov.

All finalists performed live on an Arabic TV channel.

The jury chairman, Islamic scholar, author of TV lectures on Tajvid, Ayman Rushdi Suwaid praised Yasir Dodarbekov's recitation and wished him further success in learning the Quran.

Yasir was awarded the second place in the international online Quran recitation competition.

"This is exciting news for us. We are happy that the efforts and diligence of a student of the Sheikh Said" madrasah "were highly appreciated on a global level by such an Islamic scholar as Ayman Rushdi Suwaid", said Rasim-hazrat Kuzyahmetov, director of the Saratov madrasah.

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