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Egyptian delegation visit Moscow Cathedral mosque A delegation of the Senate of the Arab Republic of Egypt headed by Mr Abdelwahab Abderrazek visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Diplomats from the Egyptian Embassy in Russia and representatives of the Federation Council of Russia also participated in the visit.

The deputy chairman of the RMC and the RBMRF Rushan Abbyasov and head of the International Department of the Russian RBMRF Ildar Galeyev received the distinguished guests. Rushan Abbyasov offered the delegates a tour of the mosque, told them about its history and showed the mosque museum. The participants also discussed the relations between Russian and Egyptian Muslims. In particular, Rushan Abbyasov noted the long-standing cooperation of the Russian RMC and the RBMRF with religious, public and charitable organizations in Egypt. This is evident from the memorandum signed with Dar al-Ifta, a regular exchange of experience in the theological field through training courses  for Russian imams at Al-Azhar University, joint participation in international forums and conferences, implementation of charity projects, close contacts and constructive partnership with the Embassy of Egypt in Russia and regular visits of Egyptian organizations and agencies to the Moscow Cathedral mosque.

The President of the Egyptian Senate Abdelwahab Abderrazek highly appreciated the existing relationships between the Muslim communities of the two countries and expressed confidence in strengthening partner relations. At the end of the visit, Mr Abderrazek thanked the Russian side on behalf of the delegation for the mosque tour and informative discussion.

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