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Books of Medina publishing house to be presented in Jeddah On October 11 Ildar Nurimanov, deputy chairman and Chief of Staff of the RBMRF and general director of the Medina publishing house, met with Farit Mukhametshin, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs. The parties discussed diplomatic relations with Muslim countries and the publishing activities of the RBMRF in light of the forthcoming meeting of the Strategic Vision Group "Russia-Islamic World" in Jeddah at the end of November.

When speaking about Russia-Saudi relations, Ildar Nurimanov noted the high role of religious figures involved in establishing bilateral relations. He noted that apart from the foreign policy diplomacy, "public and spiritual diplomacy" also plays an important role in this process. The deputy chairman of the RBMRF presented Farit Mukhametshin with the 10th issue of the magazine "Hajj of Russian Muslims". The issue presents the Hajjname of a prominent Russian jedid Abdrahman Umerov "Recollections of visiting the first International Islamic Congress in Mecca by a delegation of Soviet Muslims". The author describes his visit of the First International Islamic Congress in Mecca and the performance of the hajj by the Soviet delegation in 1926. Farit Mukhametshin also received a separately published Arabic translation of the Hajname. The preparation and publication of this edition was timed to coincide with the 95th anniversary of the Russian-Saudi diplomatic relations and the 95th anniversary of the said Congress.

Farit Mukhametshin highly appreciated "Hajj of Russian Muslims", since it covered the history and current state of pilgrimage of Russian Muslims and familiarized the reader with previously unknown archive materials relating to the history and traditions of relations between Russia and the Islamic world.

The parties agreed that the "Hajj of Russian Muslims", a special Arabic edition of "Recollections" by Abdrahman Umerov and other books of the "Medina" publishing house would be presented in Jeddah during the meeting of the Strategic Vision Group "Russia - Islamic World" which would take place on November 24-26 this year. This event would symbolize the modern history of Russian-Saudi relations, which is mostly based on religious cooperation.

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