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Aidar Gazizov delivers a speech on halal standardisation and certification On 7 October 2021, the annual International Forum "Poultry Farming in Russia" took place at the Cosmos Hotel and brought together more than 250 executives and experts in the poultry industry. This is a major poultry event in Russia that brings together executives and poultry experts from, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, unions, associations and analysts in the field of grain, export products, meat and eggs.

At the beginning of the event Sergey Shabayev, chairman of the Eurasian Poultry Farmers Association, delivered an opening speech. He welcomed all participants and outlined the objectives of the meeting, noting that not all participants were able to attend the Forum due to the pandemic.

The participants discussed such topics as the situation with prices at the grain, poultry and eggs markets, digitalization of poultry farms in Russia, agricultural analytics of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, results of poultry meat and food eggs exports, new stage of turkey breeding in Russia, etc.

Aidar Gazizov, Head of the International Centre for Halal Standardisation and Certification under the RMC of Russia, made a presentation on "Halal certification". He described the Centre's activities over the past year, focusing on the activities of the Project Technical Committee for Standardisation "Halal Products and Services" (PTC 704). “The system of national halal standards is designed to streamline the work of Halal certification bodies, prevent the possibility of conflicts and non-compliance with the established requirements. In addition, the system of national standards will contribute to a more effective development of Russia's export potential," he said.

The presentation was followed by the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation in the Poultry Industry.

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