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Indonesian delegation visits the Moscow Cathedral Mosque A delegation of the Regional Representative Council of Indonesia visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque on Monday, September 20. The guests were received by Rushan Abbyasov, deputy chairman of the Russian Muftis Council and the RBMRF, and Ali Gurdin, general director of the official hajj organizer, "Muslim Tour".

During the meeting Rushan Abbyasov spoke about the history of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, its reconstruction and opening, and about the centuries-old history and traditions of Russian Muslims, as well as the life of the Russian Ummah.

He also spoke about the elections to the State Duma held in Russia, since the Indonesian delegates acted as international observers during their working visit. They agreed that the elections were held at high level in terms of organisation, technical support and transparency. Rushan Abbyasov noted that Russian Muslims participated actively in the elections, both as voters and as observers.

At the end of the meeting Rushan Abbyasov gave the guests the books "Mufti" and "The Mosques of Russia" published by the "Chitai" publishing house and spoke about the great architectural legacy of the Muslim peoples of Russia.

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