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Meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sports of Bahrain A meeting with the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Kingdom of Bahrain was held at the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. The high-ranking delegation headed by Minister Ayman bin Tawfiq Al-Muayyid was received by deputy chairman of the Russian Muftis Council and the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation Rushan Abbyasov.

The meeting was also attended by Ishaq Sarah, acting deputy Minister for Youth and Sports; Alhan Fatima, senior specialist for International Relations; Muhammed Hussein, protocol officer of the administrative office of the Minister for Youth and Sports; and  Alexander Egorichev, expert and specialist of the International activities department (Rosmolodezh).

Rushan Abbyasov conveyed the greetings on behalf of Sheikh Mufti Ravil Gainutdin, religious leader of Russian Muslims, chairman of the RMC, and spoke about programmes and projects of the organisations under the Russian Muftis Council targeting young people, putting a special emphasis on active sports and volunteer activities.

The Minister of Sports of Bahrain Ayman bin Tawfiq Al-mu'ayid noted that he visited Russia hoping to be able to exchange experiences with Russian colleagues and spoke of youth and sports activities in Bahrain.

During the meeting Rushan Abbyasov offered a tour of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, where he spoke about the history of the main Muslim temple of the country and the life of the Russian Ummah.

At the end of the meeting the parties agreed on further cooperation for the benefit of the youth of the two countries.

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