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Indonesian delegates visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, a delegation of the People's Consultative Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Indonesia led by Mr. Fadeel Muhammad, Vice-President of the Assembly, visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. The delegation included Ms. Lestari Murdijat and Mr. Syarifuddin Hasan, Vice-Presidents of the Assembly, Mr. Martin Manurung, Member of Parliament, Mr. Maruf Chahyono, Secretary General of the Assembly, Mr. Hendri Syafri Tanjung, Chief of Protocol and others. The delegation was accompanied by the staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in the Russian Federation headed by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Mr. Jose Tavares.

The distinguished guests were received by Rushan Abbyasov, deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of the Russian Federation and the Russia Muftis Council, and Ildar Galeyev, head of the International Department of the RBM of the Russian Federation.

Rushan Abbyasov thanked the guests for visiting the main mosque in Russia and for their interest in the Russian ummah. He provided information on the international activities of the RBMRF and RMC, including such major projects as the Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition and the Moscow Halal Expo. He also noted that representatives of Indonesia regularly took part in these projects. In addition, the deputy chairman of the RBMRF mentioned another example of close contacts between the two countries — the photo exhibition "Islamic traditions in Russia", which took place in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, in 2019.

Mr. Jose Tavares thanked RBMRF and the RMC represented by Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin and assured that the Embassy would continue providing support in order to maintain and strengthen relations with religious, social, charity and educational organisations of Indonesia.

During the meeting the delegates asked various questions about the history of Islam in Russia and the current situation of Russian Muslims, which were answered in detail by Rushan Abbasov, and made some proposals in the field of halal industry and Islamic banking. The delegates spoke about the opening of a shariah bank in their country and their contacts with Muslims in various countries related to certification and distribution of halal products. The members of the Assembly suggested signing relevant memoranda of cooperation and sharing their experiences.

At the end of the meeting, the parties thanked each other for the friendly meeting and informative discussion and exchanged gifts.

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