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Representatives of over 60 countries support Palestine On Tuesday, May 11, deputy chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia and the Russian Muftis Council Rushan Abbyasov took part in an emergency conference convened by the Turkish Directorate for Religious Affairs to discuss the current events in Palestine.

The participants included Professor Ali Erbaş, chairman of Turkey's Directorate for Religious Affairs, the Grand Mufti of Palestine Mahmoud Al-Habbash and religious figures from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Malaysia and other states. According to the organizers, the conference was attended by representatives from over 60 states.

Rushan Abbyasov thanked the Directorate of Religious Affairs for the timely arrangement of the event and conveyed greetings from Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia, adding that the leadership of the Religious Board of Muslims of Russia was actively following the events in Jerusalem and Palestine.

Rushan Abbyasov noted that the events in Jerusalem violate all believers' rights, are unacceptable and are condemned by everyone who has common sense.

He encouraged the international community to do everything in order to deescalate the conflict in Palestine and stop the illegal actions and killings of civilians.

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