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Russian delegation meets ESMA representative On February, 22, the Russian delegation met with Dr. Rehab Al Ameri, Director of National Accreditation Department of the UAE Standardization and Metrology Authority, ESMA, at the GULFOOD-2021 international food exhibition held in Dubai. The meeting was attended by Sergey Levin, deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia, Roman Chekushev, Director of Agribusiness Export Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, Sergey Muslimov, Head of VEB RF representative office in UAE, Sergey Vologodsky, Vice-President of the Russian Export Centre, Rafik Fattakhtdinov, Deputy Chairman of the RBMRF, Aidar Gazizov, Director of the Halal Standardisation and Certification Center under RBMRF, and Samat Sadykov, Deputy Director.

During the meeting the parties discussed cooperation issues, including the changes related to the accreditation of Russian certification bodies. The representatives of the Russian RBM informed the participants about the accreditation process of the Halal Standardisation and Certification Center and discussed related issues. At the request of Aidar Gazizov one of ESMA representatives provided information on the format of the scheduled audit of the Halal SCC and its certified businesses, taking into account the pandemic arrangements. At the end of the meeting the participants expressed their satisfaction with joint activities taking into account increasing export of agricultural and industrial products to the UAE and other Gulf countries.

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