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Meetings with Russian food producers conducted at GULFOOD 2021 On February 22, during the GULFOOD 2021 exhibition in Dubai the delegates of the Religious Board of Russian Muslims met a number of Russian food producers certified by the International Centre for Halal Standardisation and Certification.

One of the largest certified producers of meat products, "Miratorg", is participating in GULFOOD 2021. The head of the delegation, deputy chairman of the RBMRF Rafik Fattakhtdinov and director of INHSC Halal Aydar Gazizov discussed with Viktor Linnik (President of Miratorg) and Olga Psareva (Commercial director) the prospects of entering new markets and expanding exports to the countries of the Islamic world.

The delegates also conducted meetings with Ilfak Badretdinov (head of the export department of the Torero confectionery), Sergey Turishchev (commercial director of EkoNiva - APK Holding), Dmitry Terentyev (general director of Alex Sweets), and Eldar Sattarov (director of the export department of DAMATE).

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