Saturday, 24 July 2021
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RMC delegation participates in international conference in Geneva The delegation of the RMC led by the first deputy chairman of the RMC, Rushan Abbyasov, is taking part in the International Conference called “Initiatives Aimed at Protecting the Youth from Radicalisation and Aggression and Their Practical Implementation”, which is held under the auspices of the Muslim World League at the UN headquarters in Geneva.

According to Rushan Abbyasov, the speakers called for deepening and expanding cooperation with moderate and creative forces, cooperating in the social, humanitarian and educational fields regardless of people's religious background, as well as fighting against all kinds of fears that are kindled on purpose. He noted that the according to the majority of speakers, the absence of these circumstances results in a sense of isolation, which can push young people to extremely conservative or even radical actions.

The head of the International Department Ildar Galeyev also joined the delegation of the RMC

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