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Russian hafiz participates in Qur'an recitation contest in Tunisia Magomedganipa Mejidov, a Russian hafiz and a graduate of the Imam al-Nawawi madrasah in the village of Gubden (Dagestan), is participating in the Qur'an reciting competition, which is currently taking place in the Tunisian Republic.

The Tunisian Qur'an competition is held for the 17th time. This year it brought together participants from 21 countries in the Hifz nomination (memorization of the Holy Quran). The competition takes place in the famous al-Zaituna mosque (Olive Mosque), the oldest mosque in Tunisia, which is also one of the first universities in the Islamic world.

For the Russian reciter, this is going to be the first experience of participating in a competition abroad, and he has all the chances to win. Magomedganipa Mejidov took specialized Qur'an recitation courses at the Othman bin Affan’s Hafiz Training Center in Kazan, where he received a certificate (Ijaz), confirming his professionalism in the Qur'anic recitation.

The participants have already gone through all stages of the competition, and the judges are now going to make a decision. We pray for the success of our compatriot and ask Allah to increase his knowledge and experience.

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