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Iftar and book presentation in Helsinki Islam Zaripov, Imam-khatib of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, took part in the iftar organized by the Tatar Muslim community of Finland on Saturday, June 2, in Helsinki.

After conveying greetings on behalf of the religious leader of Russian Muslims, Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin, he conducted a presentation of the book "Ahmetzyan Mustafin: From the History of Islam in the USSR" written by him and the historian Marat Safarov. Paying special attention to the close ties of the legendary Tatar Imam with the Tatars of Finland, Islam Zaripov spoke about his life and his collection of books. Mane guests recognized their parents and relatives on the unique photographs from the personal archive of A. Mustafin demonstrated during the presentation.

At the end of the iftar, the Moscow guest conducted the night prayer, tarawih, and on Friday he delivered a sermon in the mosque of Järvenpää.

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