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MII and Tehran University signed memorandum on understanding
On May 7, 2018 a delegation from Iran visited the Moscow Islamic Institute. The delegation was led by Ali Asghari Yazdi, the dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Thought of the Tehran University. The delegation included Dr. Reza Maleki (head of the Cultural Representative office at the Embassy of Iran in Moscow), Dr. Abdolhadi Fekhizadeh (member of the Academic Council of the Tehran University, Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Orientation of Iran), Dr. Majid Maaref  (dean of the Theology Faculty of the Tehran University), Dr. Mahmoud Waezi  (leading specialist in Quranic studies, director of the center for Islamic Revolution studies, director of the Authority for International Cooperation of the Theology Faculty of the Tehran university), Dr. Ahad Faramarz Karamaleki (specialist in philosophy, head of the group of professional ethics of the Tehran University) and other official guests. The rector of the Moscow Islamic Institute, first deputy chairman of the RMC Damir Mukhetdinov welcomed the distinguished guests on behalf of the leader of Russian Muslims, the chairman of the Russia Muftis Council mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin.

Damir Mukhetdinov emphasized the importance of that day, saying: "The ceremony of the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, has just finished, and our mufti was one of the officially invited guests, which demonstrates the attitude to Islam and Muslims in modern Russia ..." The rector of the MII spoke about the history of Islam in Russia and  informed the guests about the current state of the Muslim Ummah. Damir Mukhetdinov described the educational and academic activities of the Moscow Islamic Institute, highlighting the main task of the university, that is training theologists and imams for Russian mosques and Islamic educational institution. In this regard, he emphasized the importance of cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dr. Reza Maleki said: "We are happy to be here today together with famous theologians and thinkers from the Tehran University. I thank the Almighty for having my first meeting in Russia at the Moscow Islamic Institute. Today's meeting will open the doors to a large-scale cooperation in the field of academic Islamic education ... "

The parties discussed issues related to joint research activities, including the exchange of members of academic councils and student researchers, participation in seminars and various educational programs. The parties agreed on the most important aspects of the planned cooperation. Damir Mukhetdinov presented recently published books, including those of the Medina Publishing House. A guided tour of the Moscow Islamic Institute was organized for the Iranian delegation.

At the end of the meeting, the parties exchanged gifts.

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