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Training courses for Russian imams held in Bursa Advanced training courses for Russian imams were conducted in Bursa, Turkey. The training took place according to the memorandum on cooperation signed by the Russia Muftis Council and the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey.

40 imams from different regions of Russia attended the courses. The Saratov Region was represented by the Imam-Mukhtasib of the Balashov District Ilyas Yunkin, the Imam of the Novouzensky District Jamaletdin Davlatov and the imam-hatib of the Saratov Cathedral Mosque Fanil Bibarsov.

The students were divided into three groups. They studied tajweed, fiqh and various techniques of  the Holy Quran recitation for 2 months. The classes were held in Turkish.

The Russian imams also visited historical sites, ancient mosques and other attractions of the famous Turkish city.

"We managed to leapfrog in terms of knowledge, which will help us to intensify educational work once we come back," said the participants. All the students were given certificates upon the course completion.

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