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Guests from Indonesia and Syria visit Moscow Cathedral Mosque On February 16, two special guests visited the Moscow Cathedral Mosque: Muhammad Mukhlis Hanafi, PhD in theological sciences, director of the Holy Qur'an Department at the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia, and Khaled Rabeh, a member of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (Sub-Branches Coordinatorat SARC HQ).

After getting acquainted with the history of the mosque, the guests performed the Friday prayer. Muhammad Mukhlis Hanafi noted that in Russia Islam had originated long before it reached Indonesia.
"In Russia, people found out about Islam in Derbent in the 7th century, and in the 9th century it was recognized as official religion of the Volga Bulgaria" , — said Dr. Mukhlis.

The Indonesian guest shared his impressions about the International Conference "Bolgar Readings - 2018", which was held in Bolgar (Republic of Tatarstan). In conclusion, he expressed hope for further developing of bilateral relations between the Russian and Indonesian Muslims.

Khaled Rabeh is a rescuer and a witness to the events of the civilian humanitarian disaster in Syria. He accompanied humanitarian convoys to dangerous areas, evacuated children and women from the areas controlled by terrorists. Khaled Rabekh is one of the winners of the International Youth Award "For Commitment to Vocation".

The guests had an opportunity to talk to the staff of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque and Ildar Alyautdinov, the Moscow mufti.

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